Tyler and Jenny Music: Nashville, TN

This past weekend, we listened to Tyler and Jenny perform in concert with Sara Groves.   They had such a sweetness between them and brought a connected and inventive set to the concert--really engaging everyone by the way they carried the music with such energy and attention!  All of us really, really enjoyed their music, and I wish them the best!  After the concert, they so kindly said they'd model a couple shirts.   Go read about them and check out their MUSIC--they have some free downloads and between the two of them, they play a whole set of instruments--banjo, guitar, tambourine and more!   Not to mention this suitcase drum they play--it's so obvious they are people who re-purpose in their lives constantly. In fact, Jenny kept telling Tyler that the list he was making was probably long enough, as he just kept thinking of more things!  (Like the dryer-lint he's collecting in order to someday be able to fill a whole pillow! Haha)   Meet Tyler and Jenny on Tour:

"We like to use old socks for mic cases, an old suitcase for a kick drum and bad audio cables for clothes lines!"

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