Elise: Walla Walla, WA

We miss Elise too here in Spokane!   Elise always came along with her brothers, Nolan and Evan, even when she was quite a bit younger than all of us and she could keep up on the ski hill--she could blaze down the ski hill.   Elise is now in college and a darn amazing pianist, talented athlete, and a super fun girl to be with.   I really like her!  Meet Elise.

"I cut off the ends of sleeves to old t-shirts and used them as head bands when I was on a mission trip in Borneo!"

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  1. I really like the pink sweatshirt here! Let me know what you're thinking of for a price, Em. I'm so proud of you - perpetually.
    I just finished watching the video you posted about the Congo. My heart is broken. Please let me know what more I can do!