Steve: Moses Lake, WA

Steve and I went to high school together--Upper Columbia Academy, yahoo!  We even attended one of the Christmas banquets together.  I couldn't find that picture, but I found a couple others.   Like the one of Steve in Borneo Malaysia, with a giant bug in his hand--he tried to get me to eat it.  He has greatly threatened me by saying he'd post this one really embarrassing video of me from highschool if I put anything too funny of him up here--I know exactly what movie it is that he is talking about, and so I'm being careful! Steve joined the Marines after high-school, traveled around the world, and now is helping run his grandpa's insurance agency in Moses Lake.  Meet Steve.

"Take empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls and stuff them with dryer lint. Extremely flammable so even you could make a fire:) They are perfect emergency kit additions."

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