Pop-pop, Spokane, WA

We've called my grandpa Wilkens "Pop-pop" since we were young, and it doesn't sound funny to me at all, but I know it reminds other people of soda pop, or pop-corn or a nick-name for a puppy.   Well, meet my grandpa, John.  I love him so much, and you might find him riding a tractor, out in his barn, or helping refugee families get situated in Spokane.  Most people know him for a contagious energy and joy, and I would, "Oh yeah!"  to those kind of assessments.  Meet my Pop-pop.

"It was twenty years ago when we bought this farm and there was junk scattered all over in the yards.  There was one particular piece that I saved and this past year I set it up in against my garden fence--it's a sign with a big sunburst on it, was probably an overhead sign at a gasoline station maybe sixty years ago."

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  1. I hope that top photo gets framed! Emily all the shirts are great!