My Mom and Dad! Spokane, WA

Meet my parents--no, really, I hope someday you actually get to meet my parents because they are the best people I know.

My mom's name is Joyce and she has been my inspiration and teacher when it comes to thrift store shopping.  In fact, when I was young, she told me she would buy me new clothes any time, as long as they were from the thrift store, and with that kind of motivation, I learned to be a mean thrift store shopper, moving quickly and completely through everything in the store in order to find the couple things which I'd pay nothing for, but were worth a ton!  My mom recently had a beautiful book come out called, "Teacup Art and Reflections," in which she has photographed teacups in super unique and creative ways--go CHECK IT OUT! (It would make a great Christmas present!).  My mom continues to be the most selfless person, and brings creativity to everything she does.

My dad gets done at the office, where he sees patients everyday, and then changes into this green jacket he's had since high school.  Yesterday we split wood.   Other days he goes to his garden.  He's an awesome listener and great at balancing life.   While my dad likes traditions, he is by no means traditional--I mean, he'll sometimes surprise me in the best ways--like last year, he jumped in Priest Lake every month of the year, and if you're from the Northwest, you'll know that's fairly non-traditional living!  My dad re-purposes more than most people I know.

Oh man I'm getting long, but IT'S MY PARENTS!   And they are such important people in my life--people who enrich my perspectives, support my dreams and have really been there for me.  Can you tell I love them?  Meet my parents, Joyce and Keith.

Keith: "After we got rid of our horses, I re-purposed the fence from the corral and used the wood to make a porch deck."

Joyce:  "I like to get old oil paintings at thrift stores and rework them, or sometimes just paint over them completely!"