David: Yakima, WA

I told you we would get to him!  David is a law student up at Seattle University, but we took these pictures at his house in Yakima.  I'm telling you, Yakima is vineyard country and if I wouldn't have been a third-wheel on this photo-shoot, I might have felt romantic out there in the fields!  There are so many pictures of David I want to post--and probably, I just will.  Haha, meet David.  He was feeling romantic since Chelsea was there, and he worked the camera like a 12 hour shift.  Oh, and if you ever are around David, you should have him play the guitar--he might hum and haw, but keep asking, it will be worth your while!

"I use dirty t-shirts as tissues when I have a cold.  And then I wash them.  It saves trees."


  1. yup. that's david turning on the charm. who can resist?

  2. He rocked it like that group Sleigh Bells--that crazy, rocking group!